Leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Deribit partners with Kemet Trading to improve trading infrastructure for institutional clients

Kemet Trading
3 min readAug 21, 2023

Kemet Trading, a leading provider of digital asset derivatives trading infrastructure, and Deribit, the world’s largest crypto options exchange, today announced the beginning of a strategic partnership and integration. This strategic partnership aims to improve the framework through which institutional market participants interact with crypto derivatives. The integration will enable Kemet’s clients to access Deribit’s deep liquidity by way of its streamlined platform.

With the digital asset derivatives landscape poised for massive growth over the coming years, there is a need for infrastructure that supports and enhances the workflows of top investors. Kemet’s framework allows digital asset trading firms to access liquidity, evaluate opportunities, and manage risk across non-fungible derivatives contracts on CeFi and DeFi venues via a single access point. Kemet also provides best-execution algorithms for delta hedging, multi-leg orders, and more. Developed by a team of engineers from top firms in traditional finance, including D.E. Shaw, CBOE, Jump, and DRW, Kemet’s goal is to bridge the gap between the robust OEMS systems that exist in traditional markets, and those in digital asset markets.

This integration allows existing clients of Deribit to utilize Kemet’s infrastructure to more effectively access, evaluate, and manage risk on the exchange. Current users of Kemet’s platform can link their exchange accounts and begin leveraging its OEMS capabilities on Deribit within seconds. Institutions currently trading on Deribit can learn more about utilizing Kemet’s capabilities by emailing sales@kemettrading.com or by visiting the website at https://www.kemettrading.com.

Ash Ashmawy, founder and CEO of Kemet, commented, “Our goal at Kemet is to simplify the digital asset derivatives landscape. Across venues, trading firms currently deal with issues arising from connectivity, contract non-fungibility, and risk management, among many others. The leadership at Deribit understands these issues well and we at Kemet are eager to partner with them to improve the workflows of all of our clients and to participate in each other’s future growth.”

Luuk Strijers, Chief Commercial Officer at Deribit, concluded, “Deribit is proud to partner with Kemet and continue to provide best in class service to our clients. The Kemet team has lots of experience in building trading infrastructure solutions and integration of the Kemet framework into the Deribit exchange will provide clients with additional flexibility and a superior trading experience. We look forward to exploring additional opportunities with Kemet to improve the trading landscape.”

About Kemet Trading:
Kemet Trading provides its institutional clients with a single access point into the digital asset derivatives ecosystem — optimizing access to liquidity, data, trade execution, and post-trade workflows. Kemet enables traders to better manage the full trade-lifecycle across the entire digital asset derivatives ecosystem.

About Deribit:
Deribit is a centralized, institutional-grade crypto derivatives exchange for options and futures trading based in Panama City, Panama. Deribit’s state-of-the-art infrastructure offers instantaneous price discovery, low latency trading, advanced risk mitigation services, and deep liquidity via its network of top-tier market makers. Led by a team with decades of experience in options trading across all markets, Deribit facilitates a significant majority of all crypto options trading and has robust proof of assets and liabilities procedures to ensure the exchange is held to the highest of standards.



Kemet Trading

Institutional-grade infrastructure for digital asset derivatives trading; optimizing access to liquidity, data, trade execution and post-trade workflows.