Laevitas and Kemet Trading announce partnership and collaboration on risk management product for cryptocurrency derivatives

Kemet Trading
3 min readOct 5, 2023

Kemet Trading, the leading provider of digital asset derivatives trading infrastructure, and Laevitas, the preferred source of digital asset derivatives data for institutions, today made public the results of a months-long collaborative effort. Utilizing data from Laevitas, Kemet provides its clients with institutional-grade risk analytics tools to monitor portfolios of digital asset options, dated futures, and perpetual futures.

As Kemet continues to grow its institutional client base, there has been increased demand for tools that enable investors to efficiently analyze portfolios of non-fungible derivatives contracts across venues. Kemet solves for this by:

  1. Aggregating all positions within a client’s portfolio across supported venues into a single view/endpoint
  2. Allowing clients to conduct scenario analysis to assess the impacts of changing market conditions at the individual contract level, as well as at the group level, on over 50 different data points

Kemet’s risk management system comes equipped with preset risk views including Spot Slide, Vol Slide, and Matrix view, providing quick insights into market dynamics, while also allowing for a high degree of customizability. Available metrics include Corrected and Premium Adjusted Greeks, as well as skew greeks like Tilt and Smile. All of this is powered by an advanced SVI vol skew, calibrated to standard moneyness. Institutions interested in taking advantage of Kemet’s risk management capabilities can learn more by emailing or by visiting

Laevitas provides the data on top of which Kemet is able to abstract the analytics that run its risk engine. As a trusted platform offering quantitative data analytics, Laevitas looks to expand its already substantial footprint with derivatives focused trading firms via its partnership with Kemet. Interested parties can email or visit to learn more.

Chris Schneider, Head of Product at Kemet, commented, “The Kemet platform not only identifies risks, but it distills them into actionable insights through customized real-time risk slides. While we make it easy for our clients to assess risk with preset risk views, what truly sets our system apart is the capability for complete risk slide customization. These slides illuminate the path to prudent risk management, empowering stakeholders to navigate uncertainties with confidence and precision.”

Hassen Naas, Co-Founder of Laevitas, concluded, “Together, Laevitas and Kemet are dedicated to empowering institutional digital asset derivatives traders by integrating our sophisticated analytics tools with Kemet’s expertise. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and precise information, tailored to the needs of our expanding user base.”

About Kemet Trading:
Kemet Trading provides its institutional clients with a single access point into the digital asset derivatives ecosystem — optimizing access to liquidity, data, trade execution, and post-trade workflows. Kemet enables traders to better manage the full trade-lifecycle across the entire digital asset derivatives ecosystem.

About Laevitas:
Laevitas is a reputable platform known for offering comprehensive quantitative data analytics in the digital asset derivatives arena. It provides a wide range of robust features including spread analysis, strategy builder, historical data, and customizable dashboards, aiding traders in navigating the complex crypto derivatives market successfully. Through these advanced analytics tools, Laevitas is dedicated to delivering precise and extensive information to its growing user base, fostering a well-informed trading environment.



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